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Frame # 106 - 1-1/4 inches Black Shaker Style w beveled edges

frame border 106 frames by mail frame border 106 frames by mail frame border 106 frames by mail frame border 106 frames by mail
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We offer this wood 1-1/4 inches Black Shaker Style w beveled edges picture frame in almost any custom size. If you want to get started with some of our most popular sizes and styles, we have presets for this frame in 5x7", 8x10", 11x14", 12x18", 18x24", and 24x36". You can purchase a preset as-is, or customize it how ever you prefer! Our preset frames include a plexiglass and foamcore backing, both of which can be changed or removed. Selecting a preset WILL remove any styles or features you have added to your custom frame.

*Frames larger than 54 united inches, width plus height, will be shipped in four sections routed at the corners. If plexiglass, backing and/or mats are ordered for the frame it will be shipped joined at the corners.

1-1/4 inches Black Shaker Style w beveled edges frame

frame border 106 frames by mail
From 1.160 per unified inch. (Unified inches are frame width plus height)

  • This frame has a maximum size of united inches.
  • made in USA picture frame This frame is made in the United States.
  • You may choose up to mat layers with this frame.

About This Picture Frame (SKU: 106): The shaker style is known for its hand-crafted simplicity. This wood Picture Frame has those elements and more. This is an all wood, made in America quality frame. Both edges are beveled to let the natural wood reveal itself. These are the kinds of details that makes Frames By Mail stand out. And we offer this style in green and navy, also. The pluses just keep adding up.
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Frame needed for a Grateful Dead Puzzle

Feb 3rd, 2021

Reviewed by Ruth

Verified Purchase

user review image: Frame needed for a Grateful Dead Puzzle

I put together a 1000 piece Grateful Dead Puzzle for my son-in-law and wanted a nice frame for it. It was suggested to me by a friend to use Frames by Mail. I did so and I along with my son-in-law could not be more pleased. I got the frame and easily put the puzzle in it and it looks beautiful. I would highly recommend using Frames By Mail. Quality it great and pricing as well. I just recently ordered another frame and I am looking forward to putting it all together.

product rating stars
Beveled edges are really a nice touch!

Dec 12th, 2020

Reviewed by John

Verified Purchase

user review image: Beveled edges are really a nice touch!

I ordered this frame with a custom multi-opening collage mat and some printed pictures (included with the mat) of my friends and myself and I am very excited with how it turned out. I got the black version of this frame although they also have a green and navy blue version. The bevels on the frame really make the natural wood stand out and they give the frame a very nice presentation. The style of the frame is really versatile, since it goes well just about anywhere in my apartment. The quality comes across as very nice also, as it feels very sturdy and the craftsmanship appears solid. One of the neat features is you can make out the grain of the wood along the frame, giving it a really pleasant appearance.

product rating stars
Awesome Frames

Aug 7th, 2022

Reviewed by Mark

Verified Purchase

Frames By Mail makes exceptional products at a very reasonable price! The quality is second to none. I particularly like the Shaker Style frames.

product rating stars
Perfectly cut mat and frame!

May 6th, 2022

Reviewed by Dirk

Verified Purchase

user review image: Perfectly cut mat and frame!

I have used two other on-line "custom frame suppliers" until I found Frames by Mail. I have NEVER had to return a frame or mat here because it wasn't cut to my specs. It doesn't even really matter what the price is. If it's cut correctly THE FIRST TIME, I'm happy. And Frames by Mail make me VERY HAPPY! These folks do a beautiful job!

product rating stars
My first time was SPECTACULAR!

Dec 25th, 2021

Reviewed by Dirk

Verified Purchase

The precision of the mat and frame was exact and made assembling the final product simple. I’ll use these guys again again in a heartbeat!

product rating stars
Great frame at a good price

Aug 14th, 2021

Reviewed by Brenda

Verified Purchase

I've used this Shaker style frame a few times. It's an economical choice but still a great looking frame - simple and sturdy.

product rating stars
Perfect style picture for my tastes

Dec 17th, 2020

Reviewed by Karen

Verified Purchase

user review image: Perfect style picture for my tastes

Excellent picture frame....have ordered several of this style. Fine workmanship. Quick service.

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