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The Frames By Mail Picture Frame Blog

Your guide to picture frames

Everything you could want or need to know about pictures frames, all in once place - how cool is that? Check out any of our many blog posts about custom picture frames, product evaluations, gift ideas, how-to's, reccomendations and much more!

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18 Picture Frame Ideas to Help You Beautifully Display All of Your Treasured Photos and Art

April, 15 2022 | Emily Jasper

Pictures not only evoke a mixture of nostalgia and joy, but they also add a little something extra to your home décor. But framing photos, art, and other collectibles can be difficult, and choosing coordinated frames for an entire room is among one of the most challenging things a homeowner will do. But standard, wall-mounted frames purchased from a retailer are not your only option for displaying your (although that certainly works when you find a look you love). To that end, we're sharing a and shoppable items that will inspire you to get your favorite photos or art up on the walls once and for all.  If you love a good craft, you'll be thrilled to know that there are several picture frame ideas that you can make yourself. We're showing you how to create a few beautiful options, like a doily frame, which takes the surface protector and transforms it into a backdrop for your favorite memory. For a woodworking DYI, try your

Other recent blogs:

January, 28 2022 | Emily Jasper

Eco-Friendly Frames

Eco-Friendly Frames

It seems like there is always a “green” or an environmentally friendly way to do almost everything these days. And that doesn’t exclude picture framing.  Whether it’s knowing what materials are used in the creation of the frames, the type of mat board you can use, and even where you purchase the frame, there are ways you can be sure to have eco-friendly picture frames.Sustainable Picture Frames In order for a frame to be 100-percent eco-friendly, it’s important to know where the wood was sourced and what materials are included. This is crucial for not only the wood itself but the finishes

January, 14 2022 | Emily Jasper

Your guide to winter photography

Your guide to winter photography

Lace-up, your winter boots, grab a coat, and head outside. Winter landscapes are not to be missed.  The season offers photographers a stunning canvas - an opportunity to capture nature's magnificent landscapes. You might need to bundle up, but it's worth it for the scenery and ambiance waiting to be captured.  First, though, there are some things you should know, which is why we've crafted a helpful winter photography guide. 13 Tips for Winter Photography 

December, 31 2021 | Emily Jasper

Color Trends 2022: Natural Hues with Bright Pops

Color Trends 2022: Natural Hues with Bright Pops

What are the color trends for 2022? In this post, you will read all about the home colors trends for 2022 and every color of the year.  When you want to spruce up your interior, a nice picture frame can do wonders. And these color trends 2022 will give you the fresh color inspiration that you need to give your interior a new look.  These color of the year 2022 choices, is that we’re craving for a new beginning with deep and vibrant color tones. But also that we’re looking for soothing and familiar shades, like green tones, to make our home a comfortable haven. What is the color of the year 2022? We can see a clear trend in the home decor colors of 2022. Every color of the year 2022 is either a green or a blue shade. Pantone, Behr &

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Photo Collage Ideas

October, 15 2021 | Emily Jasper

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Guide to Framed Art in Small Spaces

September, 17 2021 | Emily Jasper

7 Creative Ways to Frame Your Pet Photos

September, 03 2021 | Emily Jasper

Framing For Sports Fans

August, 27 2021 | Emily Jasper

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August, 20 2021 | Emily Jasper

Vintage Poster Framing

August, 13 2021 | Emily Jasper

15 Gallery Wall Ideas to Suit Every Style

August, 06 2021 | Emily Jasper

Eco-Friendly Picture Frame Ideas

July, 31 2021 | Emily Jasper

The Art of Banksy Comes to Chicago

July, 24 2021 | Emily Jasper

Design and Frame a Custom Photo Collage

July, 17 2021 | John Kelly

How to Hang Picture Frames without Nails

July, 10 2021 | Emily Jasper

2021 Picture Frame Trends

July, 03 2021 | Emily Jasper

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January, 01 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

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January, 01 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

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January, 01 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

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